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Comments From My Clients

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  • Polina, Thank you for making me beautiful. From my eyebrows to facials to waxing - thank you especially for helping me get ready for my wedding!

                - Margo

  • Polina, Thank you so much! You were absolutely right - I should have had my brows done a long time ago. I am thrilled with how they look!


  • Polina, I can't thank you enough for helping me to not only find my outer beauty, but also the inner beauty trapped within me. I am so grateful for your talent and am now more confident and proud of myself. Thank you for joining me on this transforming journey.


  • Thank goodness for POLINA-- she knows what she's doing. I had electrolysis, laser at aegis, I tried Vaniqa. You name it-- if it claimed hair removal, I tried it! It all resulted in frustration and great expense. By the time I found Polina, I was desperate! Less than a year later I'm SO happy with the results! Polina is honest, patient, fair, considerate and clearly skilled! Thank you so much Polina!

                  -M in Bloomington

  • Polina, I can't imagine anyone more talented and knowledgable than you. You always give me treatment fit for a queen making me feel like royalty. When I have a facial and massage during the same appointment, I leave you feeling like I've been on a wonderful and relaxing vacation - it's just heavenly. I count myself lucky that you were recommended to me. Please - don't ever retire!!!


  • After being a client of yours for 15 years, I have found you to be completely knowledgable, talented beyond compare, always professional and someone who provides services of the absolute highest quality.


  • Polina is the best there is, no doubt about it! I go to Polina for waxing, eletrolysis, massages and facials. She performs them all extremely well and I get outstanding results. I have been doing this for 18 years and no one else I know gives me the results I get from Polina. The reasons why she is so good is that she is updated on the latest technology, has many years of experience and has learned the best way to provide a service that gives ideal results. I enjoy going to Polina for services because the entire visit is enjoyable, worthwhile and the results are fantastic!


  • Since 1990, from an eyebrow style to permanent makeup and everything in between, I have no doubt you are the best esthetician in the midwest. I utilized many different services by many different professionals, but to find someone with your talent and obvious concern for your clients (I always appreciate your guidance) was my good fortune! You are #1 on my travel itinerary, but please consider moving to Montana! PS: You are an amazingly incredible woman. Thank you for all the free talk therapy!

              -Stacie G from Big Sky Country

Simply said, Polina is the best. I first started coming to her in 1990 and have never had comparable services elsewhere. For people who wish they had a friend who could make a good referral for an aesthetician, take this as the word: Polina will make you smooth, radiant and happy.


I have been going to Polina for over 20 years. No experience that I have had in any other spa that I have ever been to comes close to the experience and results that I get from Polina. I am 59 in 3 more weeks, and no one ever guesses that I am that old. I owe this all to Polina and her expertise. I would recommend her to everyone. Thank you Polina !!!!! Barb

      Barbara S

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